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What defines us? We are not just another eCommerce platform. We are an eCommerce platform designed by dentists and engineered by the finest logistical people in the business. Simply put, we understand dentists and the rigours of their trade. We, at Dentify, are here to help support dentists with best in class products. On-time delivery assured with our strong logistics network.


At dentify, we are governed by drive and the desire to get things done. Where we promise and we deliver, but not over promise ourselves.


Drilling is an important skill in dentistry, drilling down at dentify in vital to our business model and how we get to the level of granularity in understanding our customers needs and desire to provide the best results.


Dentistry like most businesses is demand driven, this demand cannot always be foreseen as people land up at dentists without appointments and don’t keep appointments previously made.

Filling In The Gap

At dentify we firmly believe there’s a huge gap in the market, not just for dentistry products, but best of the best products and available on demand at the best possible prices. We at dentify want to ensure we provide dentists with a non compromising value.