Inosept C Hand disinfectant- 500 ml
Inosept C Hand disinfectant- 500 ml
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Inosept C Hand disinfectant- 500 ml

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  • A potent, broad-spectrum antimicrobial hand sanitizer
  • Effective against all major disease causing bacteria & virus

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Availability: 39 in stock

Kills most bacteria and fungi; and stops some viruses. Chlorhexidine is a disinfectant and antiseptic that is used for skin disinfection before surgery, Isopropyl alcohol combined with Chlorhexidine makes inosept C a potent, broad-spectrum antimicrobial hand sanitizer.

INOSEPT is a range of alcohol based hand sanitisers combined with antimicrobial ingredients.

Compositions as below

Iso Propyl Alcohol  I.P. ……………………….70.0%w/v
Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution I.P. …… 2.50%w/v
in an Aqueous base q.s.

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Take a sufficient amount of Inosept hand washing liquid in your palm, rub your hands together until dry and do not rinse with water.

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